Family Nutrition & Yoga 

Nutrition Counseling for pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, kids and teens.

Helping your family nourish, flourish and heal.
Yoga and Meditation too!

I’m a registered dietitian and yoga teacher. I specialize in  women’s health, ranging from prenatal nutrition, postpartum nutrition to menopause. Including working with kids and teens to have a healthy relationship with food with non-diet nutrition and mindfulness.

I help moms and families integrate a custom wellness plan for whatever stage of life they’re in. A plan that incorporates nutrition, movement and self-care, is custom fit to their body’s needs and lifestyle.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a new mom or as I like to say a pro-mom. You’re in the right place! This is a place of love and health for all families!

Nutrition for You and Your Family

It's time to Nourish 

You're in the right place IF

You’re pregnant and want to nourish yourself and your baby the best way you can
You want to know how to manage pregnancy related conditions like nauseau, low energy anemia, food aversions or cravings and more
You just had a baby and want to feel more like yourself again
Deciding what to eat and what to feed your family feels like a chore
You feel like you just finished a 110° hot yoga class thanks to hot flashes and night sweats  
You obsess over every bite trying to calculate the points, grams or carbs
You have a child that struggles with having a healthy relationship with food

It’s time for you 

To feel confident in yourself and your food choices 
To know you are nourishing yourself and your baby
To enjoy food again. Yes! Food is meant to be enjoyed
To have more energy without relying on caffeine
To have fun in the kitchen
To let go of all that negative self-talk in your head
To sleep better at night
To wake up in the morning saying “I feel like ME again!”

It’s time to stop obsessing over every bite, have more energy and wake up every morning feeling radiant, no matter what stage of life you are in! 

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Registered dietitian and yoga teacher, wife, mom and believer that everyone needs to show themselves some love.

I work with a many women at different stages of their life. Starting with pregnancy, after pregnancy and through  menopause. Our needs change drastically at all of these stages, when you understand your body and what nutrition it specifically needs, it allows you to take control of your health and feel radiant! 

Simplify mealtime and change the way your family thinks about food.  Food is meant to be enjoyed! It should be fun and not a cause of stress. From your picky eater, athlete or child that struggles with having a healthy relationship with food, I provide the tools to empower them as they continue to grow. 

I offer specialty yoga service including kids yoga, teen yoga, prenatal yoga, mommy and me yoga, private yoga, meditation & healing Reiki.
Whether you're new to yoga or not, finding a practice that is right for you will help lower your stress levels, increase your energy and help you make healthier decisions.

Family Nutrition 


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"Marissa taught me how to enjoy food again. She gave me the tools I need for a healthier lifestyle. I am much kinder to myself because of this. I am able to enjoy meal planning with my family and actually enjoy eating with them. "

happy clients...

"Marissa is amazing! She is easily accessible and very easy to talk to. She will motivate and support you through the process."

happy clients...

"Marissa reminded me the importance of taking care of myself. She gave me ideas and inspired me to eat healthier, exercise I enjoy and form new habits. I feel so much better. "

happy clients...

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It's time to Nourish, flourish and heal

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Family Nutrition E-Book

Download your free ultimate guide
to family nutrition and
mealtime strategies!